Informational Bag Insert

This informational bag insert allows you to send customers home with supportive materials after they buy the morning-after pill. One one side is a visual explanation of how the morning-after pill works and appropriate follow-up steps. On the other side is a coupon to obtain a $10 rebate for Plan B One-Step.

shelf talkers

These array of shelf talkers can be placed in the aisle near the morning-after pill to further destigmatize the product, bring awareness to where the product is located in the store, and introduce customers to their different options when purchasing the pill.

poster for staff break room

This store break room poster will help create awareness among staff about the importance of being sensitive when selling the morning-after pill, especially with young customers. 8.5x11 and laminated for easy and long-lasting mounting.

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 11.50.52 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 11.58.25 AM.png

ProDuct stand-in Cards

These 3x5 product stand-in cards can be used on the shelf if you are not able to put out the product. The front side of the card gives explicit directions on where to take the card (pharmacy or cashier counter), while the back side of the card provides an image of the medical information from the back-of-box for customers to review.

EC Awareness stickers

These stickers send EC-friendly messages to customers in the store.

‘EC is always in stock here’ helps signal to customers that this is a product that you carry and want them to have if they need it. This can help customers feel more comfortable and willing to approach staff and buy the product.

‘Anyone, any age, any time’ helps dispel the myth that only certain people can buy the morning-after pill. There are no age or gender restrictions.

Snapcode stickers

Plan B One-Step has a $10 rebate if you purchase their product. This ‘snapcode’ sticker works like a QR code, but for snapchat, allowing customers to be connected directly to the link where they can upload their receipt and get $10 back to their bank account. Might seem small but this could be important in decreasing the cost barrier for customers.